Cherishes and evolves the heritage of Swedish gastronomy

In Bobergs we want to go back to a bygone era – an era where lunch was something special. Our gastronomic idea has its roots in the classic French kitchen with elements from Sweden, by Björn Frantzén and his team. Bobergs Matsal was the architect Ferdinand Boberg’s last project, and it was finished in 1915.


Bobergs Matsal is located on the 4th floor at the top of Nordiska Kompaniet. The dining room is architect Ferdinand Boberg’s last work and was completed in 1915.


One of Stockholm’s richest dining rooms also invites you to festivities in the evenings. Bobergs offers tailor-made events and invitations for your specific needs. From cocktail parties to 6-course menus – weddings, corporate events and birthday celebrations can all be accommodated.

”Björn Frantzén sprinkles his star quality over a glamorous 100-year-old as he builds a classic restaurant in the historical environment of the old dining room. DI Weekend awards Bobergs Matsal ”Best business Lunch” of the year.”

Dagens Industri


Bobergs Matsal serves an à la carte menu with roots in the classic French kitchen with elements from Sweden.